Internet Lifestyle Network Review [Don’t Join Until You Read This]

Internet Lifestyle Network Review [Don’t Join Until You Read This]

If you are trying to learn more about the Internet Lifestyle Network, otherwise known as ILN for short, then you have stumbled upon the right review.

“Big deal,” you might be thinking to yourself… because there are probably thousands of other blogs talking about and reviewing ILN right? Well, here’s why you should read mine:

On this blog there is no cheerleading, no intentional controversy, just real down to earth insights that go beyond what’s obvious. There is also a no BS guarantee!

Did I also mention that the Internet Lifestyle Network has allowed me, a 20 year old kid, to live on the beaches of the world? This opportunity has literally changed my life.

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So, if it is your first time here, I’m Jaden… welcome. Relax… maybe grab a cold one and sit back and enjoy this Internet Lifestyle Network Review.

I’ll keep things cool, cooler than that Ice Cream Cone that gave you brain freeze.

Review Of The Internet Lifestyle Network

The whole reason I started this blog was because I saw immense potential with the Internet Lifestyle Network to allow people to do a complete 180 in life. Not only in regards to their financial freedom, but in the way they think as well. All these people agree…

Internet Lifestyle Network Testimonials

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with the way you think now, but I guarantee you possess certain beliefs that are holding you back… that are making you less of a leader than you should be and are keeping you at the income level you are at right now.

Originally I planned to actually create my own informational product line that would allow people to essentially follow in my footsteps and start a business online. As over the past two years both myself and business partner have seen some massive success in our business ventures and I just wasn’t happy with what was on the market.

That is until I stumbled upon the Internet Lifestyle Network.

Mark Hoverson, Vincent Ortega Jr and Clifton Hatfield

Mark Hoverson (left) – Vincent Ortega Jr (middle) – Clifton Hatfield (right)

When I started going through the Internet Lifestyle Network I was seriously tripped out… it was everything I had envisioned, and more.

As such rather than trying to reinvent the wheel I decided to partner with Mark Hoverson, Vincent Ortega Jr and Clifton Hatfield (the co-founders of ILN) and help them promote their “movement.”

There are many reason for me calling it a movement, rather than just a business opportunity or an affiliate program.

Unlike a lot of systems out there, what both Mark, Vincent and Clifton have created in terms of culture is phenomenal. This of course is all thanks to their private Facebook community.

I seriously can’t describe in words how great everyone within the community is. There is just a vibe that you get from seeing the willingness of everyone inside of it to help each other succeed. A real “no man or women left behind” mentality is present.

When I joined I was welcomed by seriously over 30 people, who wanted to make me feel welcome and help me out if I had any questions (little did they know how much experience I already possessed hehe).

I would show you a screenshot, but I would literally have to scroll down the group’s wall for probably the next hour because it is such an active community (and I can find much more valuable ways to spend my time that will impact more people).

Enough of me rambling though… let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this Internet Lifestyle Network review to help you understand what it is exactly, how you make money with it etc.

What Is The Internet Lifestyle Network?

If you want to understand the Internet Lifestyle Network then here’s the sentence that will do it for you (somewhat): The Internet Lifestyle Network was created to teach everyday people to start a business online by branding themselves.

It does this by teaching you cutting edge marketing techniques that are proven to allow you to see results as soon as being implemented, while working on transforming your mindset at the same time so you can begin thinking like an 8-figure earner.

The reason I put somewhat in brackets though is because putting the Internet Lifestyle Network in words just isn’t possible. It would be like describing color to someone who was born blind. You have to experience it to truly appreciate it.

Internet Lifestyle Network Products

With that said let’s get into what makes the Internet Lifestyle Network… the Internet Lifestyle network. It’s products!

The various products ILN has to offer is split up into the following memberships and one-time purchase courses.

  • Apprentice Membership
  • Professional Membership
  • Executive Training

Let’s start with the Apprentice Membership.

Apprentice Training

Essentially the Apprentice Membership is like your access card to everything the Internet Lifestyle Network has to offer. You have to have an active Apprentice membership to gain access to both the Inner Circle Training, Kings & Queens training and of course the optional affiliate program you can take part in like I am (but more on this later).

With your Apprentice Membership you get your very own done-for-you blog, access to the Internet Lifestyle Network University, the private Facebook Community and the affiliate program.

Let’s start with the blogging platform.

The Internet Lifestyle Network’s done-for-you blogging platform will act as a magnet and attract customers to your business while doing all the talking for you. You can utilize this blogging platform to create unlimited blogs that can be used to promote the Internet Lifestyle Network, yourself (a personal blog) or whatever business opportunity you are currently in.

Not only do the blogs look great out of the box, but they can be easily customized (seriously a monkey could do it) to stand out from the crown, lead generation and management is already handled for you, you can setup domain masking (so your blog domain could be rather than and so much more. There is even some advanced options for experienced Internet Marketers.

Just take a look at some blogs members have created below:





Don’t they look sexy?

I actually did a more hands-on tour with the blogging platform over here if you would like to see what its backend is like and how easy customizing it really is.

Besides your very own customizable blog that can bet setup in seconds, you also gain access to the Internet Lifestyle Network University. This is where all of the video training courses are kept and with your Apprentice Membership you gain access to 2 courses.

  • The Speed Wealth System Fast Profit Formula
  • The Famous Viral 5 ILN Lifestyle Formula

The Speed Wealth System Fast Profit formula will teach you the quickest way to start seeing results with ILN leveraging the Speed Wealth System which is included with your Apprentice Membership.

Speed Wealth System

The Famous Viral 5 ILN Lifestyle Formula includes everything you will need to build a long-term sustainable business. You can take a look at the 7 lessons it includes below:

The “Viral 5 ILN Quick Start” Guide!

The "Viral 5 ILN Quick Start" Guide!

How to create an AMAZING blog

How to create an AMAZING blog

“DreamScaping” your new lifestyle

“DreamScaping” your new lifestyle

The Famous 8-Figure Million Dollar Day

The Famous 8-Figure Million Dollar Day

How to sell by “getting inside people’s hearts”

How to sell by “getting inside people’s hearts”

The “Viral Magnet” Daily promo strategy

The “Viral Magnet” Daily promo strategy

ILN’s top affiliate training: “How To Sponsor 140+ People On Facebook”

ILN’s top affiliate training: How To Sponsor 140+ People On Facebook

The information shared in these courses will not only teach you how to start a successful Internet business by teaching you cutting edge marketing strategies, but they will also work on your mindset. This is HUGE because often times what sets people back from making money online is not being in the right frame of mind.

The bottom line is all of these lectures are all killer, no filler that upon going through and taking action on (the key to success) will allow you to improve the quality of your life.

Lastly as I went into detail on previously you will be getting access to the Internet Lifestyle Network private Facebook community, which will be on the of keys to your success.

In all honesty I would pay a monthly fee just to be apart of this big ball of energy and love.

Internet Lifestyle Network Private Facebook Community

When I joined the Internet Lifestyle Network I was welcome by something like 20 complete strangers all wanting to make me feel welcome and succeed. I was blown away by how great of a culture the Internet Lifestyle Network community has (it is rare to find).

This is in part just because of the awesome energy in the group that invigorate and motivate you, but also because the founders of ILN (that includes Mark Hoverson, Clifton Hatfield and Vincent Ortega Jr.) are extremely active. They are always around to offer advice to members and lend a helping hand when needed.

Why this is impressive is because each of the founders charge over $1000/hour if you wanted a private coaching session with them and with the Apprentice Membership you get access to them for FREE!

All of this is only going to cost you $37/month (there is no hidden affiliate fees).

I have said this before and I will say it again, I seriously feel like I am stealing from the founders of ILN when they bill me each month because there is just so much value in the Apprentice Membership.

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Some people would probably be willing to sign up right now after hearing everything that is included, but let’s dive a little deeper though into some of their other products for you keeners out there.

Professional Training

The Professional membership builds on the foundational principles you learned in the Apprentice Training and shows you how to scale up your marketing efforts quickly and efficiently. You will learn advanced strategies that will allow you to take your business to $10,000+/month. Best of all, just like the Apprentice Training, it is all interactive meaning after you finish each lecture you are given a list that breaks down the action steps required to implement what you just learned.


At the time of writing this badass review there is over 70 hours of content in total that are categorized as follows:

  • Mark Hoverson’s 8-Figure Professional Game: Jump-Starts Your Future Million Dollar Business!
  • Vincent Jr’s “Viral Attraction” Facebook Marketing: This Is How You Turn Facebook Into A Viral Lead Generating Machine!
  • Mark Hoverson’s Leadership Branding For Direct Response: How To Create An 8-Figure Marketing Mindset
  • Mark Hoverson’s Famous 8-Figure Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint: The 8-Figure Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint.
  • Mark Hoverson’s NEXT-LEVEL Professional Members Only Marketing Training: Mark Hoverson’s BEST OF THE BEST Stuff That He’s Never Shared Publicly!
  • Vincent Ortega Jr’s NEXT-LEVEL Professional Members Only Marketing Training: Vincent Jr’s BEST OF THE BEST Stuff That He’s Never Shared Publicly!
  • Inner Circle’s Top ILN Affiliate Training & Webby Replays: Next Level Leadership & Marketing Training By Our Top ILN Affiliates!
  • Creating 8-Figure Easy Video Sales Letters: This Is How 8-Figure Earners Make Simple & Powerful Video Sales Letters!
  • Take Your Video Marketing To The Next Level: Video Marketing Tips & Tricks To Look Professional Even On A Budget!

More lectures and training is always being added to the Professional training, which makes it a must-have for anyone who is serious about being successful online. It costs $95/month and is again something of immense value (notice a trend here?).

Executive Training

The Executive training consists of informational products from the master internet marketer Mark Hoverson. All of these training courses are one-time payments and grant you access to the course for life. These courses teach expert marketing tactics meant for taking your income level to over $50,000+.

I do want to pause here for a second though and state that any income figures presented in this review are not typical, but exceptional. You can read my full income disclaimer here. However, I am exceptional and I am not saying this to brag, but to stress that you can be exceptional too because it isn’t hard.

Most people buy self-taught courses of any kind and do you know what they do with them?

Nothing! They may go through them, but they don’t take action. I followed all the action steps and got results, if you do the same and take consistent action you can and will see results as well.


With that said let’s get back to the Executive training.

There are currently 2 separate courses available in the Executive s training that include:

  • Solomon CEO: “21 Ancient Secrets For Entrepreneurial Leadership.”
  • Solomon $10,000,000+: “How Mark Hoverson Earned Over 8-Figures In 5 Years.”

These courses range from $995 all the way to $4,995, but like all the Internet lifestyle Network products you can upgrade to them anytime when you feel you are ready to. If you want to learn more about them though I did a separate review here.

Most people when they join the Internet Lifestyle Network begin with the Apprentice Membership and then once they begin seeing results and experience everything that I am talking for themselves about they upgrade accordingly.

So do yourself a favour and grab your Apprentice Membership!

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Now that you have a better understanding of the Internet Lifestyle Network you probably want to know…

How You Make Money With It

One thing that I haven’t touched on yet in this Internet Lifestyle Network review is how to make money with it. The bottom line is it is extremely simple to make money with ILN. There are technically two ways you can go about making money with it:

  • Utilize it’s blogging platform and education to benefit your current business
  • Take part in the Internet Lifestyle Network Affiliate Program

The first way that you can make money with the Internet Lifestyle Network is if you currently run your own business and you simply want to learn how to leverage the internet to take it to the next level.

The Internet Lifestyle Network provides some of the best education when it comes to Internet Marketing and its Blogging Platform is off the hook. It will without a doubt skyrocket leads and sales if you implement what is taught.

The other, most popular way, to make money with the Internet Lifestyle Network is to utilize its affiliate program included with the Apprentice Membership.

The Internet Lifestyle Network has a killer business opportunity where you can actually resell its products for over 50% commissions on all of the products from the people you directly recruit (your 1st level) and then an additional 10% commissions off the 2nd, 3rd and 4th level.

Internet Lifestyle Network Compensation Plan

The best part is it’s compensation plan was designed so you don’t have to own all the products to make money off them.

Let me repeat that… you can come in with simply the Apprentice Membership for $37/month and make money off even the highest ticket items without even owning them yourself.

This means if someone you recruit goes “all-in” and buys all the products you will make thousands of dollars from them off a $37 investment.

Pretty cray cray right?

Heck even if you only focus on recruiting people into the Apprentice Level and Inner Circle Level you can stand to make a lot of money thanks to the viral nature of the compensation plan.

Recruiting just 5 people and getting them to recruit 5 people, repeating this pattern throughout the 3 levels of your downline will allow for a residual income potential (money made every month reoccurring until cancellation) of over $10,000!

This is money that is coming in month after month and it could easily allow you to easily say goodbye to your 9-to-5 job and live the lifestyle you have always wanted all from a single $37 investment.

Actually recruiting people into the Internet Lifestyle Network might seem hard if you are new to internet marketing, but it actually isn’t and is easy peezy when you follow some of my badass strategies and all of the other training you will receive upon enrolling which teaches duplication.

You aren’t going to join, go through the training and wonder how the heck you sell to people. You will instead be given step-by-step directions on what to do and when to do it.

As long as you can follow simple instructions and stay consistent you will be ILN’s next success story.

So, with this said, what are you waiting for?

Join The Internet Lifestyle Network Today

If, after looking around this site and especially after checking out all of the resources I linked to, you feel like the Internet Lifestyle Network is the right vehicle to upgrade YOUR life too, click below to partner with me by purchasing an Apprentice Membership.

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Did I mention I will be hooking you up with some totally rad bonuses as well?

This is what I will give you as a bonus:

  • Access to the Aestrepreneur Academy which includes:
    • $500k Blogging Academy Course
    • Ninja Facebook Sponsoring Course
    • Webinars, Resources and so much more
  • My personal mentoring
  • Weekly Google Hangouts to mastermind and set/reach goals

Oh yes! Clickity click the link below to kill your curiosity.

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As soon as I see you come through my back office you will be receiving an email with further instructions so we can begin building your business together… I always like to say even though you are going in business for yourself, you won’t be left by yourself.

Just remember… you have to play matchmaker and ensure ILN is right for you and you’re right for it, to make it work.

I really hope I have given you some unique food for thought about the Internet Lifestyle Network. If I have missed anything or you have questions though, drop me a line in the comments section below.

This concludes this Internet Lifestyle Network Review,
Jaden Easton-Ellett


  1. Awesome post my man, I really enjoyed reading this.

    • Yeah I just heard about this product a few days ago.

    • Thanks Fraser, appreciate it buddy!

  2. Thank you Modem for taking time to explain all of yhis…I'm new to ILN and still trying to figure out how to leverage it to grow my current MLM. This really helped a lot! I think the key thing here is to simply go through the steps. A lot of people want to skip ahead and skip steps. There is no shortcuts to success in my opinion – it's a lot of hard work with a bit of trial and error and a desire to be more! Again thanks for inspiring me to take action. — Leigh Ann Dickey PS. How can I get the Facebook comment thingy on my blog like you?

    • Hahah for a second I was like Modem, what the heck lol.

      Glad you found this insightful Leigh. Yes, the key is not to overcomplicate things and take consistent action on what is proven to work. You are very right. The WordPress plugin is called SEO Facebook, definitely worth getting as FB interaction will bring you more exposure typically than regular comments :)

    • Coming from the co-founder of ILN himself, it means a lot, thanks Vincent!

  3. Good stuff Jaden. I appreciate the review. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Stacy, appreciate it. Connect with me on Facebook if you haven’t already :)

  4. What a fantastic, comprehensive review of ILN. I have joined and I am really stoked. Thankyou Jaden….

    • Woot woot, I am excited for you Elizabeth you are doing to love it :) Connect with me on Facebook if you haven’t already.

  5. Internet Lifestyle Network is just pure awesomeness! lol
    I really used to struggle until i found a community of loving peoples and the right guidance!
    I actually just made a testimonial video. Please check it out!

  6. Thank you for the detail sight. What I need help with is, is this legit. There are so many scams out there. How do I know that I can trust ILN. I so want to become a part of ILN and live that free lifestyle. I just need some reassurance that this is legit.

    • Hey Melanie I can give you a free 7-day trial if you like :)

      Just connect with me on Facebook and I can answer anymore questions you might have:

  7. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this
    website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this
    from. thanks a lot

    • Hey I actually made the blog by myself I have a background in web design. I am going to be offering my services very shortly in blog design :) I will keep you posted!

  8. Great job! You got some real blogging talent :)

    I am just curious how many h1, h2, h3 tags you got in there. I know you mentioned only use one h1 and one h2.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hey Jesse not sure on the exact number have quite a few headings ranging from 2 – 4 you can right click and inspect source to take a look :)

  9. Hey I know this is off toic buut I was wondering
    if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.
    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite
    sokme time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience witrh something like this.
    Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

    • Hey man might want to look into something like this: I use it for all my social media syndication :)

  10. Hey man, that is an awesome write-up on the ILN. I am this close to joining with you on the spot. This is my first ever google search and click of ILN so I should at least hold of for a few minutes. btw, how do we market with any success when you are stomping Google #1?

    • Hey Brandon thanks brotha, glad you were able to stumble upon my blog :) I teach the exact strategies I am using to crush it in Google along with numerous other strategies you can use to see success. Blogging is just one.

  11. Is internet lifestyle network another scam to get more money out of people with little or no pay back.There is a lot of fly by night scams here.How does this lifestyle pay as of what means?And how long does it take?

    • Well for starters brotha you can actually join free to experience it for yourself if you’re skeptical. Just enter the coupon code: Secret7. With that said it is definitely not a scam, as I went over in my review you are getting wisdom from 7 & 8 figure earners on how to build a business online. You also get to leverage proven strategies for creating wealth in a fast manner. Happy to discuss this with you more over more personal means on FB, just give me an add:

  12. This is an incredible article Jaden, by the way love your name. I named my second son Jaden for his middle name. ;O)

    Everything Jaden is saying is 100%- don’t struggle with your current businesses and for those wanting to join a strong team and one that will teach you everything there is to really be your own boss and as so many entrepreneurs want to do, travel then this company has it all!!! We even have our own travel club, our prices are out of this world!

    I am so thankful and blessed to have run into my sponsor and gave it all I got! This company gives you everything you need to succeed, it just requires you to take action!

    So again Jaden awesome work, you show great leadership and I love that about you!

    • Thanks Evelyn :) I know right, ILN really encompasses everything someone needs to live the “internet lifestyle.” Love your comment, couldn’t agree more.

  13. Thank you Jaden for your amazing review on ILN. I am positive that this opportunity is going to be the answer to my prayer as while I was searching some uplifting items on the net after a heart-breaking failed client meeting, it promted me right to the ILN site and got instantly hooked with the movement’s wonderful business that brings hope to anyone who desires to join. I am in the Philippines and pretty much into social media. Problem is, I do not have credit/debit card to make a payment for membership. May I know from you if there are other means or any possible ways acceptble to ILN so that I can make a payment and start this one of a kind business?

    • Sorry to hear about the failed client meeting mate. Really glad you were able to stumble upon my blog though and ILN in general. Hmmm that is an issue with the credit / debit card though. Right now that is the only way you can make a payment. Would it be possible for you to get some kind of pre-paid card? That would work. I see you connected with me on FB though. Chat soon.

      • Hey Jaden are you interested in helping me get started with this business? I am already a member of GRN an I need a mentor to help me get started with this. I don’t have any experience blogging. I just need some help. Thanks Mitch

        • Hey Mitch without a doubt mate, I can help you on the blogging front and any other areas you need mentorship in :)

  14. i love to know more about dis program

    • The best way to know more besides reading or watching the review is to experience it FREE for 7 days for yourself mate :)

  15. Very interesting stuff. Will be contacting you soon. I like what you are doing and offering. -Chas

    • Great Chaston looking forward to it brotha, have a great weekend.

  16. Great Blog and video man, I joined under someone else 2 days ago (I wish I had have found your blog first lol) and have got 15 signups and 3 upgraded to pro already. Watching your video has just ended any doubt I may have had. Thanks for the info man.

    • Wow congrats Andrew! That’s some amazing results in 2 days! Be sure to connect with me on Facebook regardless if you haven’t already.

  17. Hey awesome site bud. It was just the motivation that my wife and I needed to take the plunge. We signed up through your site so CHA CHING for you. Looking forward to learning many things from you.
    Let us know when you get paid, the ILN website acted weird when it took our payment.

    • Hey Tracy sorry for the delay in getting to you via email, just sent you one tonight let me know when you get it :) Excited to work with you and your wife to rock this!

  18. Hey man I joined up. Will you shoot me an email? THanks

    • Just shot you an email brotha :)

  19. I make a bunch of money with the speed wealth system, works like most things you send traffic to the system and the system does the selling.

    I like the training, they have stuff for beginners, and higher level people. If you like high converting offers that all you have to do is send traffic to, to make money then Speed Wealth is a good program.

  20. Alright I’m confused…maybe it’s just cuz it’s late and I’m tired while writing this..but when I first heard about this I believe it was something about signing up free and earning $20 for every referral after forwarding an email..Now I’m seeing ads for other types of memberships costing from $1k+ to $12k, what’s the deal? How do I even get started with the forwarding emails part that just pays $20 for each person brought to the site? Once I see that it works, I’ll probably try silver and work my way up. Thanks.

    • Not too sure what you mean by “silver” membership, but you of course can sign up free for 7 days and make $20 commissions by forwarding an email. There are other membership options / products just like anything, which is in your favour as other people you bring in go through the same process. You can without a doubt start at Apprentice though and work your way up like I did when starting out :)

      • I saw on silver, platinum and diamond memberships. I’m not even sure if they’re related to what I was talking about but I ended up on that page after checking around. Are these not related?

  21. I’m convinced. I’d love to join!

  22. I just tried other opps, and they reel you in with ‘trial offers’, step-by-step instruction, starting small…but to make any money, you have to spend a ton to get to a level that opens up the real opportunity. What’s different about this one? They all seem to be mlm schemes, but I’m looking for something different, something new…I may never find it, but I keep my curiosity up and learned a long time ago to check it out the best I can, before I throw money at it…money I can’t afford to lose. Oh, and by the way, so far, all the promises of giving $100 if you don’t succeed is as old as I am. And I’m old enough to be a lot “entrepeneur’s” father or grandfather!

    • Of course mate, not too sure what entrepreneur wouldn’t want higher ticket items haha. You can without a doubt start small though and work your way up. When I first joined I actually just started with Apprentice, made a few sales, upgraded to Pro and repeated that pattern so I was paying for the higher level products with the money made.

  23. Hey man

    Thanks for the read very insightful and motivational! I have just started with ILN so am still a newbie! But I have to say I am so looking forward to getting stuck in and aim to achiev the same success of yourself and all the other great success stories within the company!

  24. Hey I’m about to make a choice in this n I’m trying to find out what’s the difference between this co n BMID? Both seem exactly alike but I notice the get in price is different. Also I’d like to know what each co does, n if we’re only blogging their stuff or if we Have our own side thing can we use this to market that?

    All we’re doing is coping n pasting right? Do we also have the option to write the blog ourselves?

    Are there any meetings or traveling we have to do or is it just pure paid to copy n paste?

    If I only get one persons to buy do I get that same commission every month?

    Sorry about all of the questions I was going to join today if the my contact would’ve answered. Thank you for reading

    • You NEVER want to be relying solely on copy and pasting. Initially it can work to get some short-term results, but long-term you need to build branding YOU and coming up with unique content. This is explained in our training. Yes as long as they stay subscriber. Never heard of BMID.. do you mean BIM? In terms of structure there may be resemblance but you can’t replicate ILN’s culture or training from it’s leaders Vincent Ortega Jr and Mark Hoverson.

  25. Great Post Man!! summed it up nicely!

  26. i am very greatful for the motivational work. well done Jaden. i am a newbie and have tried several web money making and i have been disappointed by many being scams. i feel this site is much more trustworsy and i have built my curiosity. i hope to make my dream come true with ILN. thanks

  27. I could like to join Iln after reading all these wondeful comments. I am under no illusion that I will get free money. I must work for it. What advice do you have for newbies like me?

    • The biggest thing is to show up daily. Show up daily to go through training, implement that training and then teach others. Thats the simplified, condensed formula to success in this industry :)

  28. Love the blog post man. Amazing review and had much of the same thoughts myself. What we have here is definitely unmatched and seeing so many new people who didn’t have any online experience prior getting fast results has been a sight to see as well.

  29. Hey Jaden I really do appreciate this write up man, great work. So I have a couple questions… I see the 5 for 5 for 5 comp plan and that makes a lot of sense. I just am still a little confused on how I can set up my organization… you see I am new to ILN but I’m not a complete network marketing newb. I actually went on a campaign this spring and introduced the concept of network marketing to 88 individuals on my schools campus. These individuals are anxiously anticipating a video from me that will guide them moving forward. I need a little advice on how I can set up my ILN structure so that everyone benefits equally initially. How do i ensure finical connection with my team? Also how do we get paid? I understand that we get paid on Mondays does it come? Direct deposit or by mail?? Thanks so much for your help man I’m ready to get it started with this business and make a major movement.

    • Hey Ryan thanks for the comment brotha! Little bit confused on your first question, if you’re meaning how can you get your team to see results we have all the training they would require to see results quickly (the duplication side of things). We get paid through an ewallet with direct deposit, cheque, debit card.. etc. Hope this helps brotha!

  30. Nice post man I love this company



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