Internet Lifestyle Network Scam [A Waste Of Your Time & Money?]

Internet Lifestyle Network Scam [A Waste Of Your Time & Money?]

Most articles that people write when it comes to scams start off a little like this…

They define what a scam is, assuming they are an affiliate of the company they then over-hype XYZ and try to get you to buy from them… why? Because they make commissions… aka the moolah.

Or what often times happens as well is someone in another business opportunity tries to convince you XYZ is a scam so that you will join their business opportunity instead (even though they probably haven’t ever owned what they are calling a scam to actually give an honest review of it).

I finally had enough of the BS in the internet marketing industry and that is why you are reading this article right now, because I took action and decided I wanted to change things. I wanted to be different and actually feed people the truth about making money online with the various systems that are out there such as the Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN).

So, is the Internet Lifestyle Network a scam?

Internet Lifestyle Network Scam

From my own personal experience I can safely say the Internet Lifestyle Network is not a scam. And believe me I know what it feels like to get scammed.

When I was first starting out on the internet I fell for all sorts of scams and was almost ready to give up my dreams and aspirations of running my own internet business (luckily I persevered though and am now reaping the rewards).

Now I don’t expect you to just take my word for it, there are many reasons why I know there is no such a thing as the Internet Lifestyle Network scam.

Internet Lifestyle Network Scam

But first let’s get into two reasons why some people are calling ILN a scam.

  1. As I explained previously it is in some people’s interest to call ILN a scam because they want you to click their article through the search engines so they can sell you their business opportunity.
  2. People join the Internet Lifestyle Network with the idea that they will suddenly become rich with little to no effort.

The first should be pretty self-explanatory, whenever you read anything that has the word scam in it your eyeballs are drawn to it. People exploit this fact… myself included (but at least I’m honest).

Trust me when I say no matter what type of review you are reading there is always going to be biases. It’s always about money in the end.

This is just the hard truth.

Take everything you read with a grain of salt, even my slightly-biased-but-not-nearly-as-bad-as-most review of ILN.

The other reason why people end up calling the Internet Lifestyle Network a scam is because they join thinking it will magically cure all there problems. I want to be blunt, most people don’t make money online.

They just don’t have the work ethic, drive or determination to succeed that leaders like myself possess.

It’s easier to call something a scam than to admit than to take responsibility for your lack of results.

Enough about why people are calling the Internet Lifestyle Network a scam though, let’s get into why it isn’t.

Why The Internet Lifestyle Network Is Badass

There are many reasons why I love the Internet Lifestyle Network and think it is badass (pardon my French).


First of all everything that ILN offers is value driven. Their Apprentice Membership is only $37.00/month and includes:

  • Unlimited customizable blogs that will suck the leads right in
  • Superb hosting for your blogs
  • How to create an AMAZING blog course
  • “DreamScaping” your new lifestyle course
  • The Famous 8-Figure Million Dollar Day course
  • How to sell by “getting inside people’s hearts” course
  • The “Viral Magnet” Daily promo strategy
  • ILN’s top affiliate training
  • Access to the ILN support center
  • Private Internet Lifestyle Network Facebook community

If that doesn’t impress you I don’t know what will.

Every time the Internet Lifestyle Network bills me I honestly can’t comprehend how little I am paying (I feel like I am stealing from its co-founders Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson… like seriously)

Internet Lifestyle Network Blogging Platform (Beta)

The blogging platform that you get is without a doubt one of the best done-for-you blog services that I have encountered. As I mentioned in my initial hands-on demo video, the blogs you can create with the Internet Lifestyle Network blogging platform will blow you away. It is such a feature rich and easy to use platform you will immediately fall in love with it.

As for all the training you are getting through the Internet Lifestyle Network University, it is all killer and no filler.


What you will be taught is practical knowledge that can be applied directly to your internet business to start seeing results instantly and better yet there are lectures on mindset, which is the key to your long-term success as an entrepreneur (and often lacking from other systems).

Lastly the private Facebook community, which is usually dismissed as not a big deal by onlookers, is probably the #1 reason why I love the Internet Lifestyle Network so much.

There is such a great culture behind ILN, everyone is so supportive,  everyone looks out for each other and you will never feel alone or abandoned. Whenever you have questions, need support or are looking for some motivation this is the place you go.


They say in order to be successful you need to surround yourself with like-minded people and with the private Facebook community this is exactly what you will be doing and why it is so effective.

Can You Say “Big Ol’ Commissions?”

Do you know what else I love about the Internet Lifestyle Network?

It’s affiliate program.

With it you can make up to 50% commissions on all of the Internet Lifestyle Network’s products from the people you directly recruit (your 1st level) and then an additional 10% commissions off the 2nd, 3rd and 4th level. This is all without even having to own all the products.

The earning potentials are through the roof. Recruiting just 5 5 people and getting them to recruit 5 people, repeating this pattern throughout the 3 levels of your downline will allow for a residual income potential (money made every month reoccurring until cancellation) of over $10,000 assuming they are all at the inner circle level.

How’s that for a compensation plan?

There isn’t any hidden fees to become an affiliate either, it is included with your Apprentice Membership. And unlike a lot of these systems, the Internet Lifestyle Network is not Multi-Level Marketing. So you can say goodbye to your Pyramid Scheme or Ponzi Scheme concerns.

ILN is considered a super affiliate program, which is cooler than a tofu eating lion!

Hopefully by now you are starting to see the Internet Lifestyle Network for what it is–the best vessel for everyday people to learn how to build an effective business online.

Let Me Hook You Up Big

And to make things even better, when you join, I will be hookin’ you up big with some bonuses.

Not just any bonuses either, bonuses that are going to play a large role in your success:

  • Personal mentoring from myself and Dusty
  • Weekly Google Hangouts To Mastermind And Set/Reach Goals
  • Access to the private A.S.F (Abundance – Success – Freedom) Movement Facebook group
  • Advanced Facebook, YouTube and press release strategies
  • Case study: how I turned $240 into $17,000 (and counting)
  • My proven Google page one ranking formula
  • Lifetime upgrades and unannounced bonuses

Look… the bottom line is if you want to go fast, look sexy and have more fun than you’ve had since you were a little kid…

… the Internet Lifestyle Network is the vehicle to take you there and it’s certainly no scam.

Click Here To Get Started For Just $37.00/month

As soon as you register I will be in contact with you right away to start crushing it with you online.

Let’s finish things off with a virtual fist bump… trust me, together we will be laughing all the way to the bank ;)

Your Internet Lifestyle Network Coach,
Jaden Easton-Ellett


  1. I don’t think ILN is a scam.But there are unfair advantages given to those who spend the most money. I always thought these type of deals were to help those who are struggling. And are really facing some hard times. Not saying everyone elses problems aren’t real. To them it is. If you can afford to buy some of the upgrades then I’m sorry your not in as bad a shape you think. Being in real hardship is when you can’t even afford $7 for a program. Some of us are really in bad shape. And others are to. But some more than others. They will say it’s your work ethic. I’ve never been lazy. And I do exactly what they say you have to do to make money. I didn’t just post links. I gave away free advertising ideas. Everyday. I posted everyday and never got more than 2 people even comment on any of my post. And I wasn’t selling anything. Then I see others when they upgrade to professional or higher. They all of a sudden get sales. And mostly a day or two after. Your not going to tell me that just because you upgraded.And your advertising method doesn’t change. That your going to get more sales simply because you upgraded and advertise it the same way you did the apprentice. You can make good money if you spend thousands with them. You are more likely to sale something that is cheaper. Not when it cost more!

    • Hey Michael appreciate the comment. Of course if you have more money it gives you more leverage, but this isn’t to say you can’t work your way up by building up smaller residual income until you can afford some of the higher level material. Believe it or not I stuck at the Apprentice Membership when I first joined for the first couple months.

      With that said to be successful online you don’t necessarily need a business opportunity either. I know a lot of people who simply build authority around a specific subject with blogging / vlogging and then monetize down the road with coaching, events and their own products.

      Everyone has to start somewhere. You will find ILN is much less focussed on pressuring people to upgrade than most opps out there. In fact I often times recommend my members stay Apprentice until they build up enough residual income to move onto higher levels and have it covered.

      Upgrading has nothing to do with it. If you can’t sell lower ticket you won’t sell higher ticket. You need to properly learn how to sell online, not saying you don’t, but I’m assuming you’re making small mistakes which are preventing you from seeing the success you know you deserve.

  2. Now I will more than likely get punished for speaking my opinion. Now I will be just totally ignored. Or get labeled as just a spammer signing up for free offer just to get emails. I don’t work that way. Even if I saw I would make money. Sometimes you have to stand for something. No matter what. Don’t think for a second they don’t check around and look at feed back. I will stay on their group. Because there are some really good people in there. And I’ll probably go ahead and pay the $37 when I the money to do it.


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