Speed Wealth System Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Speed Wealth System Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Usually when you hear the words “speed, fast or quick” and the words “wealth, money or cash” together you should run for cover because obviously it is a known fact that there is no such things as fast and easy money.

The truth is there is no software where you can click a couple buttons and become a 6-figure earner the next day. And if that’s what you’re looking for the Speed Wealth System (SWS) from the Internet Lifestyle Network definitely isn’t it.

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What the Speed Wealth System is, is a legitimate way that you can make money online by providing immense value to others and helping them also live a lifestyle of abundance, success and freedom that you so desperately are seeking.

Internet Lifestyle Network Testimonials

So you’re probably wondering “why include include the word speed into the equation if there is no such thing as fast and easy money?”

Although you’re not going to become rich overnight, when you leverage the internet you really can create wealth in your life very quickly.

Take my good friend Fraser McDonald for example. He went from earning zilcho to over $10,000/month in only 3 months using the internet. The funny thing is he didn’t have an existing following, he wasn’t running ads he simply talked to people on Facebook.

You can’t argue that isn’t speedy wealth creation.

If you know anything about my story you will realize I also created wealth very quickly. I went from earning zlicho to over $500,000 within a year.

The crazy thing is both myself and Fraser did this WITHOUT the Speed Wealth System through trial and error and 20 hour plus days grinding it out balls to the wall. If we had access to the Speed Wealth System when we started… let’s just say we would both be approaching the 7 and 8 figure marks in our businesses.

Thanks to the Speed Wealth System the whole sales process is going to be automated for you which leaves you with one task.

You don’t have to create capture pages, sales pages, the videos for the sales pages and everything else that usually goes along with making money online. Your only job is to send people to the Speed Wealth System and it will handle the rest for your on autopilot.

Let’s get back to why the internet allows for speedy wealth creation though.

Review Of The Speed Wealth System

Speed Wealth System

The reason why the internet allows for speedy wealth creation is because it leverages your time so effectively.

You can make a YouTube video, for example, and can relay a powerful message to tens of thousands of people without having to speak to each person individually sharing the same message. You can put up a blog post which will do the selling for you over and over again for years by only putting in the initial effort of creating it. You can host webinars and speak to hundreds (if not thousands) of people from the comfort of your home… getting the picture?

The internet essentially collapses time and allows you to go from zero to hero very fast.

Even though this is true, however, the sad reality is most people struggle and never make a dime online. And you want to know why?

Usually it is because they get overwhelmed. They get overwhelmed with how many different strategies there are to see success online like blogging, video marketing, SEO, posting to classifieds, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…. the list goes on and on. There’s just so much noise and mixed messages most people just hang in the towel and call it quits.

That is why the Speed Wealth System was created. To finally make it simple to make money online.

Now before you say “Jaden, there’s more to starting a business online than the money… heck your slogan is essentially there is more to life than just making money.” 

Let’s leave the BS at the door and be very honest with ourselves. When it comes down to it we’re all in it to make money.

If someone tells you it’s not about the money, I can promise you they lack money themselves. It’s All About The Money!

Speed Wealth System

Before you think I’m an ass hole, let me elaborate on this.

The more money you have, the more freedom you have to do the things you love.

When you don’t have money you will just be stressed, annoyed, and hate life, because you will constantly be worrying about “how you are going to pay the next bill.” The only thing in life you should be worrying about, however, is “how you are going to create your next masterpiece and use your gifts to serve the world.”

When you lack money it’s like hell on earth, when you have money, it’s like a whole new world opens up with possibilities. You finally get to create, which is so important because you are a creation creature. Unless you are creating you will be miserable, and you won’t be able to create without money.)

“Oh but Jaden, it should be about helping people.”

That is another limiting factor and excuse that broke people use.

You can’t support your favourite charities without money, you can’t even drive to go help out your favourite charities if you can’t afford the gas to get there right?

“But my charity is paid for, I just have to help”

Seriously? How do you think that charity got paid for? It got paid for by someone who realized that “it’s all about the money.”

Until you have money you will never be able to truly serve the world, you will only be pulling from the world.

So stop feeding into the slavery matrix, that it’s not about the money.


Money will make a good person better, and (to put it bluntly) money will make a shitty person shittier. So don’t even think for a second that money will change people.

All it will really do is enhance the way they do what they do.

Your true gifts won’t be fully realized until you create enough income to finally be able to “live free” and utilize the gifts you have within, and you can’t fully use those gifts unless you have no stress and worry about things you shouldn’t be worrying about in the first place.

MONEY IS EVERYTHING… remember that.

Without it you can’t serve the world. Plain and simple.

Why The System Works So Well

The Speed Wealth System was created to finally allow you to make money online in the fastest manner possible so that you can go on to CREATE. So that you can go on to serve the world and live a lifestyle of abundance, success and freedom.

So just how is all of this accomplished? 

The Speed Wealth System combines the 3 key elements which are required to succeed online:

  • Value: The marketplace is crying out for training that genuinely helps, which is done by leaders who genuinely care about putting money in your pockets, not just their own and the Speed Wealth System is just this. The Speed Wealth System was created by 7 and 8 figure earners Vincent Ortega Jr. and Mark Hoverson. When you join you get access to the Internet Lifestyle Network training which will completely change all areas of your life, a done-for-you blog, access to a community of like-minded people who care about your success in both business and life and so much more.
  • Automatization: As soon as you join the Speed Wealth System everything is setup so you don’t need to be shackled to your computer all day long. Most people when they start out online are juggling a full-time job, a family and other responsibilities and as such its not feasible to spend hours upon hours on the computer. There needs to be a system in place so that your business is working for you even when you’re not there and this is exactly what the Speed Wealth System provides.
  • Duplication: Even if a marketing strategy made someone millions of dollars if it’s not duplicatable it’s useless to you. The Speed Wealth System was created with duplication in mind so you can come in and see success very quickly without having to go through the trenches and “figure things out yourself.”

With value, automatization and duplication in place it is going to be harder not to succeed with the Speed Wealth System that it will be to succeed with it. In fact, myself and the creators of the Speed Wealth System are so confident that it will help you make finally make a steady income online that if you don’t make your first sale in 30 days we will hand you a $100 bill.

100 dollar guarantee

Seriously… as long as you took action and actually put in some effort, if day 30 comes around and you haven’t made a sale you will be $100 wealthier.

And the reason why we are some confident and why we actually wager you will make your first sale in 24 hours is because the system is just so simple.

If you can forward an email, you can make your first $20 online with our system in as little as 24hrs (you can also make your first $6,000 online in the first 24hrs as well thanks to some of the upsells in place).

Is The Speed Wealth System A Scam? Is It Legal?

The Speed Wealth System is far from a scam and it is of course legal. Although the premise behind the system is “making money” if you know anything about the Internet Lifestyle Network you will realize their products are exceptional and the value blows people away every time.

Due to its simplicity and genius “wouldn’t you rather make” concept (which you will experience shortly) the Speed Wealth System has changed the game. No one has made it this simple to make money ever before and this is why they are able to offer a $100 guarantee you will make money in your first 30 days.

Steve Jobs said it best, “that’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity.  Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

Steve Jobs Quote

I honestly believe if you can follow the step by step instructions you will make your first sale with 24 hours… heck there is no reason that you won’t be making a 6-figure income within your first 6-12 months with this system.

I am not kidding that finally for the first time, ANYONE will be able to create an amazing income…

  • No leadership skills necessary.
  • No techy skills necessary.
  • No marketing skills necessary.

So what are you waiting for? 

You can actually invest in the Speed Wealth System for only $37.

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If you still need more information you can check out this page.

Here’s to creating speedy wealth in your life,

Jaden Easton-Ellett


  1. Want more info on SPEED WEALTH SYSTEM Thanks Fred Bayer

  2. how do you get the leads?

    • Hey Eric we use a mixture of free Facebook strategies and blogging :) Let me know if you want more info

  3. Hello Mate,
    I had few more questions about this system that you have here. As far as marketing both free and paid, and also the value behind the product itself. you have my email now. so just give me a buzz. And we’ll go from there.
    Talk to you soon.

    • Just sent you an email mate!

  4. Hi Jason,
    Please let me know what the initial outlay is to get started. Are there are any upsells and how much are they?

    • Hey Anton when you join you will be welcomed into the community and I will hook you up with my private training academy and also give you my Getting Started Guide which will walk you step-by-step how to get started.

      There are upsells that range from $95/month for upper level training to $1,000 or more one-time for the Private Vacation Club. You can read more about this in my ILN review or Global Resorts Network review.

  5. Is the system applicable in Africa??Like Uganda.
    2ndly,How do I pay to join in case I don’t have a card ?………

    • You could definitely market it there if you were able to get some kind of pre-paid debit / credit card :)

  6. Is the system applicable in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia..email me please for more info.

    • As long as you have access to some form of pre-paid debit / credit card of course :)

  7. Ok, so how do I get started with this?

    • The first thing you would do is head on over to http://workwithjaden.com/ and then enroll :) Once I see you enrolled I will shoot you an email on how to get started. Let me know if you have anymore questions Rosa!

  8. Hi Jaden! Is there another way of signing up without using a Visa, Mastercard, Discovery or American Express card? I don’t have any of those. Thanks.

    • Hey man unfortunately at this time you need some sort of credit card. You could go get yourself a reloadable visa or debit card though :)

  9. Do you have to pay for hosting??

    • No you don’t hosting for the blog is included :)

  10. Hey what’s up? Is there training to get people to the website/blog to make the money? Everything i’ve ever tried on the internet has made me feel like a fool.. I just need something that works and so I can be finally financially free!!

    • You know it James! I personally created the training and it details everything you need to know to be successful with blogging. Let me know if you have any other questions mate!

  11. Hi Jaden,

    Ok sounds good and not a problem at $37 per month, but is it really possible to make a good income at the monthly payement? Does the subscription go up wildly like other systems in order to realistically create income?

    • Hey Innes of course there are upsells, the next level is $95/month, but with that said you can make a good income off the Apprentice until you can afford to go Pro and scale up from there :) We don’t pressure upgrading down people’s throats.

  12. I have been caught once before and gave my credit card details over, they took a large amount from my account. Since then i am a little dubious about giving my details. Is there any way i can pay by paypal.

    Also, isnt this going to be short lived, if so many people are doing this the people on facebook for example are going to get lots of emails asking the same thing but they are only going to reply to one.

    • No PayPal at the moment, but you will only be charged what you sign up for :)

      And everyone has different circles of friends, furthermore we also teach more long-term sustainable ways to market your business! It’s not just about those $20 commissions, but building YOUR brand.

  13. Jaden! I signed up under you or thought that I did. I tried to do the PRO upgrade but it says that I have already signed up for the PRO. My credit card has not been charged. I signed upfor the 7 day free trial. Do I have to wait on the 7 days to go PRO ow what? I did not receive anything from you about the signup. Shoot me a email for more info. Carlos Grant

    • Hey brotha I actually shot you an email yesterday, if you didn’t get it connect with me on FB (https://www.facebook.com/jaden.eastonellett) and I will get you setup to rock and roll. That’s strange about the Pro upgrade, did you shoot support an email? They will get it sorted. You can go Pro anytime you like even on the trial.

  14. Hey Jaden I have about 350 people that I could have sign up for this in about 48 hrs but before I just take “the leap of faith” I need to know how do they pay? By check, direct deposit, paypal ect..
    and when do they pay? Does it pay per sale transaction, daily, weekly, monthly?

    Thanks for your time.


    • Hey Jesse ILN uses an ewallet (https://internetlifestylenetwork.globalewallet.com). You can do payouts via direct deposit, cheque or on a reloadable card. They payout weekly every Monday, and there is a mixture of residual products and 1-time products. Just shot you an email as well.

  15. 1.What does mean by #as long as you know how to ‘Forward e-mail’ then u able to earn money?

    2.I’m quite interested on this business but just want to know what is the traffic formula using to drive traffic? Free traffic or paid traffic? I ask this because i don’t want to spend more time for paid traffic as i had spent so much money for paid traffic & make me struggling without any good result so far.

    3. Is this a blog platform like empower network?

    Hope to hear from you.

    • Hey Ben we provide you email templates which convert that you can forward to close circle of friends / family or a list if you have one. Both. I personally am an advocate for free traffic generation leveraging blogging / Facebook :) We do also provide a blog platform similar to Empower’s but based on WordPress, which is better in my opinion.

  16. Can you send me more information, It sounds convincing but of course I am still very iffy, I’m not understanding really how this works and how I make money doing this?

    • Check out my review on the internet lifestyle network on the front page of my blog this contains all the information you will need. But you make money by creating a business branded to you through Facebook, blogging, videos etc. Whichever marketing method you prefer. We teach various marketing strategies which people are using to see some awesome results!

  17. So $37 a month until I decide to go pro? Whats the difference between pro and the stated $37 package in terms of products being sold or amount of products being sold?

    • You get over 70 hours of additional content, including courses from Mark Hoverson which sold and continue to sell for $1000s.

  18. Please send me some info on this,thanks-John.

  19. Hey Jaden I’m actually in another company as of right now, but I love the training that you say you offer once we join your team. Is it possible that I can join your team just for the training aspect so I can succeed in other busniess ventures online ?

    • Yeah without a doubt Tom I would say about 1 / 3 of my team actually joined for that reason!

  20. i would like to make some extra cash how does it work and i am from South Africa so the rand dollar thing differs.how much cash must i have on my card in order to get started on this money making business

    • To get started Nikki the cost is $37/month so whatever that is in your currency :)

  21. Jaden,
    This sounds very interesting. I’ve seen your video explaining the program. I’ve tried so many business opportunities that call for sharing with your friends that they are skeptical whenever I send them something. How can I get this to work for me if it involves a ‘warm list’? Also, I’m not tech savvy and have no clue how to blog or do videos, etc. Is it possible to do this without the warm list and other handicaps?

    • We teach you everything technical wise through our training :) You can certainly market to your warm market as well by either showing them some of the sales videos we have, cool training or through attraction marketing.

  22. hello i am very interested in the program but still have questions think you can email me?
    is this a program where you sign someone up and get paid monthly for that sign up until they cancel there registration? because i have done a program like that and as hard as i put into it, it turned out to be a scam and emptied my bank acoount so im iffy on trusting.

    • Yeah for sure feel free to shoot me an email if you like via my contact page, but indeed it’s residual so you make money until someone cancels their membership. Been doing this for almost a year man mate, definitely no scam.


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